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Cylburn Work

About Cylburn Arboretum's Artist in Residence Program

In November of 2012 Nancy Hill, Interim Executive Director of the Cylburn Association, created the Artist in Residence Program at Cylburn Arboretum.

Patricia Bennett was very honored to be asked to be the first Artist in Residence at Cylburn Arboretum. Patricia often visits Cylburn Arboretum with her family and really treasures it as "The forest in the city."

The program was funded by generous donations through GiveCorps, and was also helped by the Old Line Society.
Patricia's duties are to paint on the grounds for over forty hours during the year, to teach a children's Plein Air class, and to paint at special events.

The first event that Patricia Bennett painted as Artist in Residence was the Brightside Gardens Photography Exhibit opening at Vollmer Center. January 25, 2013, she set up her easel in the Vollmer Center, on a snowy day, and painted throughout the evening.

Brightside Gardens Photography Exhibit Opening, 24x36, Patricia Bennett

Notable guests were Chuck and Amy Newhall, the owners of Brightside Gardens, Stiles Colwell, Doreen Bolger, Director of the Baltimore Museum of Art, and noted photographer and owner of ArtDocs, Alan Gilbert.

In March of 2013, Patricia Bennett painted a lovely wedding in the Mansion.

Wedding at Tyson Mansion, 24x36, Patricia Bennett

This was a private event. It was a very moving ceremony in a beautiful space.

Patricia Bennett led the Children's Plein-air Class at Cylburn for 6 years old plus on May 19, 2013 from 1-3pm. Below is some of the Children's work from the Plein Air event

Children's work from Patricia Bennett's Plein Air class at Cylburn Arboretum

And finally June 20, 2013, Patricia Bennett painted at the second Cylburn Solstice in the City Event.

2013 Solstice at Cylburn, 24x36, Patricia Bennett

The Artist in Residence show of work will be on November 1, 2013 at Vollmer Center. Work completed so far can be seen here:Cylburn Work

Brief History and Description of Cylburn Arboretum

Summer Photo of Cylburn's Tyson Mansion

Cylburn Arboretum is a 207-acre urban park with more than 150 acres of woodlands. Cylburn is Baltimore City's largest public garden. Built in 1868 by Jesse Tyson, owner of Baltimore Chrome Works, Cylburn began as one rich man's refuge from the heat of the infamous Baltimore summers.

Baltimore City owns Cylburn Arboretum and the Cylburn Association, a non-profit organization, runs activites on the land to aid in maintaining it.

Summer Photo of a Cylburn Pond

Entrance Hall of the Tyson Mansion

The White Room in the Tyson Mansion

Tyson mansion, as the main house is called, was designed by the German-born architect George A. Frederick, who also designed The City Hall of Baltimore.

Surrounding the mansion is a flat grassy lawn, then woods with trails. A couple of small ponds are near the mansion, with many decorative plants around them. Head gardener Jennifer Forrence creates a world of flowers and trees.

To one side of the mansion is a decorative path that leads to a sundial, covered in rose bushes.

There is also a stone out-building near a crumbling stone wall that holds Cylburn's compact but amazing Nature Museum.

The first floor of the mansion is open to visitors Tuesday through Fridays and is often a lovely setting for weddings.

And finally there is the Vollmer Center,

a modern eco-building that is used for Art Exhibits and meetings.

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Cylburn Work