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Capture the memory of your special event with the latest form of entertainment that culminates in a unique one-of-a-kind work of art to cherish forever.

Academy-trained fine artist Patricia Bennett will paint an original impressionist expression of your wedding, Bar/Bat mitzvah, charity gala, family or corporate party, intimate candlelight dinner, and more.

Patricia sets up her easel on-site during the festivities where guests can watch the painting come to life as the party unfolds.

At the end of the event, you will own an original work of art that captures the memory of your special day to admire for years to come.

Wedding at Four Seasons Hotel Denver and Reception at the Denver Center for Performing Arts.
Denver, CO, November 2014.


Wedding Reception at the distinctive Sequoia in Georgetown.

A view of the Kennedy Center is on the left.

Wedding Reception at the Sequoia.
Washington D.C., October 2015.


A wedding and reception at the Four Seasons, Baltimore

Victoria Claussens and her team created out-of-this world floral displays which Patricia carefully included in the painting.

Patricia painted the wedding ceremony, then added the reception to the painting, superimposing them. The band is in the upper left, in front of the enormous floral display with hanging candles. The mother and father of the bride are depicted as they made their moving speeches. And the grandparents of the bride are painted dancing together.

Congratulations to the Bride and Groom!

Wedding and Reception at Four Seasons
Baltimore, MD October 2014.


University Club of Washington D.C. Great Gatsby Gala

A tower of champagne features in this elegant soiree.

University Club of Washington D.C.
Washington D.C., October 2015.


The first Live Event Painting ever done at the Walters Art Museum.

Patricia visited the museum in advance and spent several hours sketching it.

She then pondered how to capture the architecture as well as the event, and did sketches out of her head.

This painting was started in her studio, then continued throughout the Ceremony and the Reception.

Wedding and Reception at the Walters Art Museum
June 2015.


Painted Live at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club

Patricia set up her easel in the dining room and painted the Wedding Ceremony and view from the large bay windows. It was too hot to paint outside.

After Cocktail hour, Patricia moved her easel to another part of the room and painted the Reception.

Patricia took a reference photo of the couple's first dance to add to the painting later.

Wedding and Reception at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club
Kent Island, MD, 2015.


Betsy Robinson's Bridal Collection commissioned Patricia to paint A Day in the Life of painting.

Patricia painted in the store on Sunday, May 3, 2015 then through the next three weeks. She met the staff and photographed those who were to be included in the painting. Betsy especially wanted the Seamstresses included. They are behind a wall, and not visible to the public. So Patricia depicted them in the foreground of the painting sewing, altering, and ironing.

With permission from the customer, Patricia also photographed a Bride being fitted for her gown as reference for the painting.

The Studio work took two months to complete.

A Day in the Life of Betsy Robinson's Bridal Collection
Owings Mills, MD, 2015.


Patricia painted A Day in the Morning of painting in Ms. Emily's class at the Greenspring Montessori School.

Patricia painted in the classroom in December 2014 over several weeks. She first painted the classroom, then added children as she saw them working around the classroom.

Children asked Patricia lots of questions about her painting and found themselves in the painting.

The Studio work took three months to complete.

Greenspring Montessori School Classroom at Work
Lutherville-Timonium, Maryland December 2014.


Patricia painted this live at Baltimore's famous Hippodrome Theatre during the "Hon Ball" fundraiser.

That night the painting was featured as the big ticket item and auctioned off to benefit the children at the School of the Cathedral by CBS television anchor Mary Bubala.

Patricia set up her easel on stage at 10am and painted the theatre as Rouge Catering and the Hon Ball Committee set up for the 7:30pm event. Patricia stopped her painting when the live auction began at 9:30pm.

The auction winners were painted into the work of art.

A framed print of the painting was put on display at the School of the Cathedral.

Hon Ball for The School of the Cathedral
Hippodrome Theater, April 2013.


A lovely intimate wedding ceremony and reception in the White room in the Tyson Mansion.

There were twenty to thirty friends and family present.

The Bride provided the bright, colorful flowers and catering was done by The Red Canoe.

Spring Wedding and Reception
Tyson Mansion at Cylburn Arboretum, March 2013.


A Live Painting in Cylburn Arboretum's Vollmer Center of the Opening for Alan Gilbert's Photography Exhibit of the Newhall's Brightside Gardens.

For over a decade Alan Gilbert, noted photographer, captured the ever-evolving face of the Newhall's 5 acres of gardens with his camera lens. A selection of Mr. Gilbert's work was on view at the Vollmer center February 2013. Notable guests at the opening included the Director of the Baltimore Museum of Art as well as Meg Fairfax Fielding, author of Pigtown Design.

This painting was exhibited in Patricia's Artist in Residence show at the Vollmer Center, November 2013.


Brightside Gardens Opening Photography Exhibition
Cylburn Arboretum Association, January 2013.


Both the ceremony with Huppa, and the reception were captured together in the painting since they took place within an hour of one another in the same room. The moment as the Rabbi is reading to the couple, and the future bride's mother and father give her away are included. The Ketubah, which was removed after the ceremony, is included on its easel. The bride and groom are also in the foreground.

People could watch her as she was painting ... It was a really cool touch, and now we have a beautiful painting of our wedding... it's so different.  -   The Bride

Wedding Ceremony and Reception
Grand Ballroom at The Four Seasons Hotel, Baltimore, MD, December 2012.


Wedding Reception on Family Estate
Monkton, Maryland, December 2012.


The Cobalt Ballroom overlooks Baltimore's Inner Harbor, and the city lights are captured in the painting.

Corporate Holiday Party Cobalt Room
The Four Seasons Hotel, Baltimore, MD, December 2012.



Corporate Holiday Party
The Country Club of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, December 2012.



Wedding Reception
The Four Seasons Hotel, Baltimore, MD, September 2012.


...The painting captures the entire evening... you can really see all of our friends and family, my husband and I, and the happiness we all felt together. That's what makes it so special.  -   The Bride

Wedding Reception
The Four Seasons Hotel, Baltimore, MD, August 2012.


Dear Patricia, It was such a pleasure to watch you work and capture the essence of the event -- thank you for being part of such a memorable evening. The guests were delighted to watch you in action!

  -   Jennifer Grove, President and Creative Director of Sky Blue Events

Underground Tasting Dinner, sponsored by Chanel
The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Baltimore, MD, June 2012.


...what a fantastic memorialization it is! As an Art History major at Johns Hopkins, I can particularly appreciate your depiction of the Solstice in the City porch party. And equally impressive is how you were able to paint the scene en plein air with the heat index in the mid to upper 90s!

  -   Justin Batoff, founder of The Old Line Society

Summer Solstice Celebration
Cylburn Arboretum Association and Old Line Society, June 2012.


An over life-sized image of this painting was on display at the Maryland State Fair, 2012 and 2013, to promote Community Gardening in the City.

Eric Waller Community Vegetable Garden
June 2012.



Sunday Farmers Market
Under I-83, July 2012.



Kick-Off Party for Sunset Cocktails Happy Hour.
The Deck at the Four Seasons Hotel, Baltimore, MD, May 2012.



The Mount Washington Improvement Association Annual Soiree
May 2012.



Ninetieth Birthday Celebration
May 2012.


Testimonial from Affluent Bride Magazine

As an exclusive online resource guide for luxury weddings,
we can't say enough about (Patricia Bennett's) artistic signature as a live event painter.
Simply stunning!

Brenda Lopez
CEO & Founder
Affluent Bride Magazine

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